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So you’ve got a restaurant… you’ve got some amazing dishes, but you’re posting pics to your Facebook page that you take on your cell phone as the meals are on their way out to customers. No matter how good the food is, those photos aren’t going to get you noticed. Don’t settle for poor, washed out photos of your bread and butter (get it? :)

In just a few short hours, you can have dozens of beautiful hi-res, color corrected photos, ready for use in your menus, on catering brochures, and on your Facebook page. With Albany Food & Restaurant Photography, we schedule a short photoshoot at your restaurant. We stage some backgrounds, set up a few lights and take photos of your real dishes. And after a few hours of color correction and photo editing back at our studio, you’ll have all the high quality photos you’ll need.

Your food is amazing… make sure people see it that way! It will be one of the best decisions you ever made.

Call Groupiehead to discuss your restaurant. 518-369-8510. That's a cell phone - no answering systems or offices to navigate... and don't worry about 9-5... give us a call anytime.



Dear Mark:
I want to tell you how profoundly grateful I am for your remarkable work resulting in web sites for Cafe Capriccio and Capriccio Saratoga. I have had so many wonderful compliments about the sites, especially regarding your photos. While you and I know that these shots are in real time about real people creating real food bound for eager customers, the photos look like splendid Hollywood productions, staged by designers with unlimited budgets. Everyone who looks at the sites sees what I see: the best looking restaurant web sites in cyber land. I am very proud of the restaurants and the way you present them. Mille grazie,
Jim Rua, Owner
Cafe Capriccio (Albany NY)
Capriccio Saratoga (Saratoga NY)





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